Club Fitting

We have partnered with golf's best equipment manufacturers to provide an unparalleled fitting service.

Featuring the industry benchmark Trackman radar system to assist with the club fitting process we can provide evidence based recommendations for your golf equipment. The PGA Academy has over 50 individual shafts and 50 individual heads so there is a large amount of club fitting options available to us. At present we have fitting options available for Titleist, Callaway and Taylormade. We will test for loft, lie, shaft properties such as length, flex, kick point, weight, head design and grip type. All the time working to optimize your ball flight for distance and accuracy.

The process described in the video is performed on iron and drivers so we can ensure the optimal combination of distance, accuracy and flight control depending on the conditions you play in.

Driver and fairway wood fitting – $100
Iron fitting – $75
Wedge fitting -$75
Putter fitting – $75
Gap fitting – $75
Full bag, driver to putter $150
*Please note, your fitting fee will be rebated off your purchase for all transactions over $1,000.