Dial in your chipping landing area

Dial in your chipping landing area

Struggling to control your chips shots? This simple drill could be the fix…

Selecting the appropriate landing point is critical to the success of any chip shot.

Ideally, you would land the ball in a relatively flat area on or around the green. As a rule of thumb, the ball is easier to control the closer you land the ball to yourself. This is due to a flatter landing angle creating a more predictable bounce and roll.

Next time you are out on the practice green, try this chipping exercise using a hula hoop or any material to make a visible landing area.

  • Place the hula hoop three metres away from your ball
  • Use a 9 iron and practice landing the ball inside the hula hoop.
  • Once you can land the ball in the hoop three times in a row you are ready to move the hoop further away and make the exercise more difficult.

After a few sessions, you will notice an improved ability to select the appropriate landing point on all chip shots.