1 Year Coaching Program

For serious players, looking to follow a dedicated path to game improvement

Elevate every aspect of your game over 12 months!

Our 1 Year program is designed with serious players in mind, to help you on your journey to game improvement.

The best investment you can make in your game, the 1 Year program will revolutionise every aspect of your performance, giving you the chance to work closely with an expert PGA Professional throughout.

A range of added value is bundled into the year-long program, including weekly online swing check ins, personalised training plan meetings, and a subscription to Decade Golf

The 1 Year program is designed to help you through your game improvement journey. By investing in a 1 Year program, you will take your game to the next level!

    • Work with an expert PGA Professional
    • Personalised practice plan
    • Decade subscription
    • Full swing, short game and putting
    • Trackman and video analysis
    • Available 7 days


$7,560 up-front payment OR $157.50 per week

What’s included


1 on 1 coaching – In the 12 week coaching program you receive 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions with a PGA Professional, booking times can be flexible or locked each week.

Weekly online swing check in – Designed for use in between lessons. Get your phone out and video your swing or practice drills. Upload to your own private CoachNow space and your coach will provide feedback within 48 hours. This helps to keep your practice on track in between lessons to ensure you maximise improvement. Available with all programs.

Online practice community – You’ll join an online CoachNow group that contains practice templates, drills and games. You’ll have the chance to ask questions to our team of coaches. Available with all programs.

Club fitting evaluation – At the start of every program, we’ll evaluate your equipment to ensure it isn’t negatively effecting your progress. Clubs will checked for the appropriate head design, lie angle, loft and shaft properties such as length, weight and flex. Available with all programs.

On course coaching option – If you need some help on the course with your decision making and strategy you can use some or all of your 1 on 1 in-person hours for on course lessons. On course times are subject to availability of coach and course. Available with all programs.

Monthly planning meeting and practice plan – Once per month you’ll sit down with your coach. You’ll discuss your goals, your progress to date and your available practice time. The coach will then work with you to customise a practice plan for you to follow. Only available in the 1 year program.

Decade subscription – Decade is considered one of the market leading statistical programs in golf. Used by a huge number of PGA Tour players and US colleges. Enter your round stats and enjoy the accurate reporting and benchmarks. Recording the right stats ensures that focus your practice only on what is important. Ensuring you maximise your practice time and improvement. Only available in the 1 year program.